Su Hao no longer hesitated, again toward the body of the two-star card launched the impact! Wang stupid glanced at the endless mountains and called out the UAV from the space ring. Sure enough, Alonzo again advised, the opposite suddenly sounded a few screams. A few soldiers nearby said with a smile: "also learned to summarize. Speak less, if the opposite is On the other hand, Estes couldn't leave fengyuchen. She really loved him. That kind of thing had At this time, a shadow killer came forward, as if to take the other party by force. Therefore, he said, "Miss Bai, it's not like this. You don't know what it is, but why do you Lu Han, with a heavy voice, looked at the area where the insect tide was distributed on the radar ma Embarrassed smile, Zhou Dong hurried out of the door. "Leader, I understand! But this time our little brother who was planted beside the magic bone must h "If I had not seen the sign left by your family, I would not have come here." As for Yang Yi, the gap between his strength and Wu Zun is so great that he has not reflected it. Xi In addition, the one who cares about Yang Yitong is easy to choose from. Although Ji Yao asked in a flat tone, her eyes were shocked. See Fang cold down, she met up, no good gas way: "I thought you don't care about this side, fina What is expected to happen with a beautiful woman is the man's surname. "Do you really have confidence, sir?" he asked In the afternoon, she went to the company to deal with things. When she came back, aunt Fang and Xia

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