Mei also bought a bulletproof vest for him from abroad. In this way, even if he was shot, he would n "But he took the Ninth Army deep behind the enemy. Wasn't that an attack?" "But this, this change is too fast, are you sure it's not gratitude?" Wang Dong took a look at the Qianshou Xiashi with a trace of expectation in his eyes. With a helples So Zhu Lingwu took out his spirit Rune of Chunyang sect disciple. After inputting spiritual power, h Of course, if Tang Yu was dismissed, he would be scared. If he can't escape, he will fall here. "Hum, star trace, you'd better die this heart, even if it's dead, we won't agree!" "The spirit of the real dragon" in Song Dynasty As young people in the mountains, they can't imagine what a huge number it is. In fact, it is not as effective as the word Qin Bureau. "Xianer, Lingyu, you've seen it for a long time. This time, I want to see my little aunt. These The women are stunned. Is the incense pressed out by the lever principle? As long as Lin Feng likes her, she can follow Lin Feng silently without any fame. She looked at it coldly and said, "who gave you the task?" The howl and roar of Archaean Thor are all passed out in secret!!! Even the fifth order fortifier is far from being the opponent of this dreadful creature. "I've got a little bit of anger in my face after the game.

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