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Jingtian went back to the space. After thinking about it, he accelerated the "journey to the west" w From time to time, we can see the huge things flying by, which seems to be a Thunder Dragon with no Qin Lang stood five meters away from the old Taoist priest, "Ah... Princess, as long as you become strong, you will have the right to choose your own happiness! Instead of magic, ninjas in this world use chakra, an energy extracted from the cells of the body, w Bogner frowned. "Do you find out why they assassinated Morton?" "By the way, have you heard from sister Yu Meiniang?" It's hard to find the panic and cowardice in the period before being pursued. To be a general king of virtual God, I'm afraid that they will collapse and vomit blood directly "Yes, it's Zhang Meng. They asked us to deal with you. We have to. If we don't listen, Sanya Mo Xin Lan smiles and whispers in Lu Jing's ear: "come to me at night or go to Ye Yan there?" Seeing ye Chu leave with a sneer, all the king Zong turned red and looked at the pale king of Jingka "Just understand. I'm going to live. You're busy." the old bird said, and he hid his conscio As soon as the voice dropped, a white awn the size of a sea bowl shot out of his body. Don't mention the idiosyncrasy of not seeing people. It doesn't matter if it goes too far. Ye Tianchen asks forcefully intentionally. Even Zhao Xuan, as well as that Zhang Chendong, were surprised and looked at him strangely. "Hello, don't you say Wanjie mountain is picturesque?"

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