"Merlin, this RAVENSBURG is not a long-term place. Where are we going next?" Buck is smoking after the event: "if you can be at home every day to his wife, that is the most care After the rush, fengyuchen came to Xinsu civilian area, and then put Lu Lu Xiu, Shu Mu Zhu que, Kali "Old man Yun sighed," it is really looking forward to the battle of Bahuang battle style and Tianlon However, after seeing Chen Bao's appearance with a flashlight, the panic color on his face disap The old woman with a dragon head and crutches is full of evil spirit, and her black hair is curled u Along the way, many officials of the God prison bowed and stood with awe and hatred in their eyes. Soon, the green color actually condensed into a tiger with wings like an eagle on its back. This is "Secretary Jiang, would you like to have dinner here at noon? And experience the life of our police Hey, man. Wait a minute. I'm a pacifist In my opinion, diliuzun is much more kind and gentle than you. However, at this time, Ding Shengtan has no time to think about what. "Did Achilles intend to wipe out all the families behind the court knights?"‘ Sure enough, at this time, the old man and the little girl looked at each other, with a trace of won Luo Xuan's mouth suddenly provoked a sneer and said meaningfully, "is it?" Tang Zheng made another call to the leopard. The people of the people did not want to solicit this disaster, so the united people did not mention "Two years ago, he killed Yu Canghai with one hand, destroyed the Qingcheng sect, disrupted Liu Zhen

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