It is self-evident that such a cultivation system is broad and profound. Lynn found out that slim didn't need to be fused any more, and that it would gradually grow in s After rubbing the sweat on his bald head, Tong xiongtao said, "what's your opinion to say?" Li Heng sighs in the heart, the mouth battle in front of the emperor finally comes to an end. Although zark's smile is not many, but it can still smile now, it shows that he did not believe Speaking of this, Liu Datong's voice stopped and looked at Ye Zhen because of his words. Yue Chong was also stunned and turned to Leo Dazi. "Master... I don't understand what you said." Lu Xuan stood up and clapped his backhand. Ye Xing roared, one dragon claw buckled into the flesh of the dark hell Jiao, and the other claw kep Ferran glanced at him through the window glass, then lowered the window and said indifferently, "wha When the words fell, he had already flown out. During the flight, there were crackling blasts all ov Although they want to stop them, they all know their master and son's temperament. It's OK t "In any case, I must get xiaozaohua pill. Feng'er, don't worry. My father will get you xiaoz After that, Zhang Yan no longer hesitated, and went out of the cave first. Xiao Fan's mouth incantation sound loud, left hand pinches Jue horizontal chest, right hand five "I think it's very possible. Look at the greedy eyes of those people. If the kid doesn't han He did not think much, immediately sacrificed the "moon tears", trying to use the "moon moving day d

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