Behind the demon mask, a slight cough came out. Sansha ignored them and went to the sofa and sat dow But he didn't want to wait too long, so he had to ask Ren Jingtian to help. Big brother means that there will be no big changes in the game in chubei province. He seems to be familiar with this place? "I know... Sanmu, you should do as I say!" Let people listen, then can't help but fall. Looking at the five elements and eight trigrams Taoist clothes, Fang lie's heart is enlightened. There is also Guan Yu and Guan Yunchang. It is said that at that time, Guan Yunchang, the Duke of Ro "The three swords must have died in the night Guo Rong's identity is special, and Wang GUI and Zhen LIUCHEN don't say much about it. "Great support. Thank you so much, great man!" At this time, the disciple of the fire hall in front of him began to shout: "this is the area of inf After all, she is in the crazy reproduction, her strength weakened to the extreme. When I was young in this holy land, I was taught by my predecessors that we should stay away from me "No... well, it's my bad luck... Just these books. Leave one for me. I haven't finished read Suddenly thought of something, the body a shock, asked: "you... You are... You are the former and Sh Zichen's voice spread through the rules of every corner of the world, everyone heard clearly, wh "Don't worry. It's big outside the country. But where do I think Tang Chun can escape?"

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